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It is obvious that Gabrielle is deeply interested in the quality and timeliness of her work. All of the applications she worked on this year she came to in the middle of the project and all of the applications were successful. In this situation, many developers would have trouble and fall behind, but Gabrielle’s timeliness and attention to detail allowed her to complete the projects with great results. Gabrielle is always very flexible and that makes her a pleasure to work with.

Mike Freudiger

Web Manager, CACI International
Gabrielle has been nothing but a pleasure to communicate with. She is enthusiastic and receptive to ideas and works collaboratively to find the best solution for the end customers. She is organized, has a strong work ethic and responds well to both tight deadlines. The work she has done on the applications has been top quality. I look forward to seeing her on more projects and can see she will be a strong asset to the development team.

Radhika Reddygari

Team Lead, CACI International
Gabrielle is a great addition to my staff. She is talented, motivated, flexible, fast learning, and eager to apply academic skills in the workplace.

Chris Hsu

Director of Engineering at Nelson Stud Welding
At Philips, Gabrielle came up to speed quickly with company specific processes and protocols. She proved herself proficient in the software programs required for user and service manual creation and publishing. She took the initiative to propose new ideas and develop new ways of working to increase workflow efficiency while maintaining document quality.

Mary Harmon

Customer Support ECO Coordinator at Philips Healthcare
Gabrielle was the best thing that has happened to me! She was just what I needed to get me started on what I wanted to do for CHC. There are a lot of people out there that do what she does, but no one does it like she does. She bridges the gap between knowledge and successful execution.

Jeanne O'Malley

Owner at CHC Physical Therapy
Gabrielle is a very astute professional that displays technical savoy and leadership potential. Gabrielle has proven herself in a complex engineering environment where she quickly needed to learn how to read blue prints, write engineering change notices and AUTOCAD software. She raised the bar of expectations with her primary assignment of writing method sheets for the manufacturing floor where associates quickly praised the quality and professionalism with her work. Gabrielle displays excellent interpersonal and communication abilities and has the ability to work with diverse teams through the organization to achieve results.

Alan Miner

Operations Manager at Fluke Biomedical
Though Gabrielle was hired as an intern, she performed at the level of a seasoned writer. She is fast, efficient, and learns the products and processes thoroughly. We greatly appreciate her work!

Sigrid Schoepel

Technical Publications Manager at Philips Healthcare
Gabrielle is a hard-working, skilled and experienced professional with a strong knowledge of search engine optimization. Gabrielle has strong communication skills (both verbal and written) and a stellar work ethic. It is a pleasure to work with Gabrielle.

Joe Jurczyk

Consultant at Radcom