Cuyahoga Medical Center Design Project

For my Information Design course, we were responsible for the creation of Cuyahoga Medical Center's promotional materials - from business cards to the website design to the hospital wayfinding navigation and signage system.


For print:

  • The stationary was designed with readability in mind.
  • The vibrant color palette was chosen for its "vitality".
  • Ample white space was used for balance between the negative and positive space for aesthetic composition.

The following stationary items were designed in Adobe Photoshop.

Cuyahoga Medical Center Business Cards

Business Cards

Cuyahoga Medical Center Brochure


document template title page

Template Cover Page

document template first page

Template Introduction Page

document template second page

Template Content Page

The Cuyahoga Medical Center Document Template is available in PDF format .

Website Design

From print to digital:

  • The most important site content was designed to be located "above the fold", or that everything can be seen by the user without the need for scrolling.
  • The site specific search functionality is key for the user experience in a site, such as a hospital, housing a vast amount of content.
  • Browsing is just as important for the user experience; keywords and topics are in place on the home page for quick findability.
  • The branding - color palette and typography - have remained consistent from print products to the virtual experience.
  • White space is just as vital in aesthetic composition for digital as it is for print pieces.

The following wireframes were created using Adobe Photoshop.

Cuyahoga Medical Center Site Home Page


Cuyahoga Medical Center Site Search

Site Specific Search

Cuyahoga Medical Center Site Content

Sample Content Page

Mobile Design

The mobile designs maintain brand consistency and reinforce the optimal user experience across all promotional materials.

The following wireframes were created in Adobe Photoshop.

Cuyahoga Medical Center Mobile Site Home

Mobile Home

Cuyahoga Medical Center Mobile Site App

Mobile App

Cuyahoga Medical Center Mobile Site Content Page

Mobile Content Page


The mapping system is an extension of the hospital's optimal user experience - maintaining brand consistency (more subtle palette) and providing intuitive wayfinding.

Cuyahoga Medical Center Mapping System

Mapping System

Cuyahoga Medical Center Navigation Signs

Navigation Signs